All uniform items can be bought from The Kibworth School uniform supplier
  • Black school blazer with red trim and logo
  • White short sleeve or long sleeve shirt
  • School tie (clip on)
  • Black Trousers or Black Skirt

The following item is optional:
Grey jumper with red strip (optional as to whether this is worn, but if a jumper is worn, it must be the one shown in the link above)

PE Kit:
  • Long sleeve and/or short sleeve PE top with logo
  • Black sweatshirt with logo (we have decided to have a black PE sweatshirt with a logo so that any current KHS sweatshirts that you may already have for general school use can continue to be used for PE in the future)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms with logo
  • Black shorts
  • Black sports socks

Uniform Guides

Skirts – Skirts must be black, polyester, stitched down pleated, knee length skirt (available from Uniform Direct). If skirts are purchased from an outlet other than Uniform Direct please ensure that they are of a similar style – ie.7 to 10 long pleats (both front and back). (see Guidance Leaflet)

Girls should also be aware that the rolling up of skirts to make them shorter is not acceptable

Trousers – Black, polyester school trousers that conform to a strict ‘business’ style as shown on the Uniform Direct website. As with skirts, if trousers are purchased from an alternative outlet to Uniform Direct, please ensure that they are of a similar style.
By this we mean no rivets, jeans (skinny or otherwise), combats, leggings, jeggings or trousers, such as chinos, with fabrics that fade. Trouser legs should be straight with some movement in the fabric (not figure hugging) and should not taper in from top to bottom giving the impression of a skinny trouser

Shoes – The Kibworth School considers acceptable shoes to be a formal shoe that is plain black and polishable with no other visible colours, labels or logos – canvas shoes, plimsolls, trainers, boots are not permitted. We would suggest as a rule of thumb: if it looks like a plimsoll, boot or trainer please consider it a plimsoll, boot or trainer. Any footwear that is made by a sports company will not be accepted as a shoe.

Piercings/Ear Stretchers – Students are allowed a single pair of discrete stud earrings (1 in each ear) in Year 7, 8 & 9.
In Years 10 & 11 student are allowed 2 in each ear but they must still be discrete studs. Ear stretchers, nose studs or any other body piercings are not allowed

Extreme hair styles are not allowed, nor is the use of unnatural hair colours/dyes

It is important that parents/carers give their full support to the wearing of uniform. Students who do not conform risk having a school sanction applied (see behaviour / discipline policy in our downloads page). All property should be clearly marked with the student’s name so that it can be returned if lost. 

Examples of Acceptable Black Trousers Examples of Unacceptable Black Trousers
Examples of Suitable Outdoor Coats Examples of Unsuitable Outdoor Coats
Examples of Acceptable Shoe Styles Examples of Unacceptable Shoe Styles

Banned Items

Non Uniform Days

Occasionally, students are given the option to have a non uniform day. In return, they are asked to donate a small fee (usually £1.00), the proceeds of which go to fund raising efforts in which the school is currently involved. Children may like to use their pocket money for this.

Please be aware that, while we want you to enjoy your non-uniform days, there is a certain expectation that clothing worn on these days should still be modest. You should, therefore, AVOID: