Our vision is to enable a world class secondary education in this local area and to provide high quality dynamic 11-16 educational opportunities


Our Mission is simple

  • Enabling all students to embrace ‘Talent, Knowledge and Success’ in all that they do
  • Ensuring all have access to a world class education to help them progress into world class higher/further
    education, training, apprenticeships and employment
  • Working with and for the local community and being an ’Expert’ of education
  • The Kibworth School is committed to ensuring a positive, safe and successful place of learning
  • We will provide a culture of excellence, knowledge, diversity and tolerance to allow all learners to thrive


Leadership and Management priorities

Priority 1: Establish the Kibworth Standard, within the local and national context and prepare for growth
Priority 2: Embed the Kibworth Standard, securing expert learners
Priority 3: Support and Challenge the Kibworth Learning Community to secure high impact on themselves and others
Priority 4: Secure all systems to facilitate highly effective and expert learners

Quality of teaching and professional Learning

Priority 1: All staff understand, appreciate and apply the Kibworth Standard in T&L
Priority 2: Continually develop and Embed quality assurance systems to support ‘Expert’ Teaching and Learning
Priority 3: Quality knowledge driven learning drives a ‘thirst’ for
Priority 4: Develop a culture of highly effective professional development for all

Outcomes for all students

Priority 1: Regardless of starting points, progress is high compared to national figures
Priority 2: Students read widely and often across all subjects, with confidence and fluency
Priority 3: All students make rapid and sustained progress regardless of their individual context
Priority 4: Staff, parents/carers and students can articulate with confidence their knowledge and understanding of data and performance.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

Priority 1: Develop and embed expert routines and relationships for learning
Priority 2: Develop a secure moral and social compass
Priority 3: The culture of safeguarding is strong and effective
Priority 4: All students hold high aspirations for their lives, and show a resilience and determination to achieve those goals